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Computer Assisted Translation

Translation as it should be: intelligent, fast & always-on.

A technology-first approach to localization, with professional translators in the loop.
14 days. No credit card. 100% satisfaction.

We’ve built trust with some of the world’s leading brands.

Companies worldwide are using our platform to optimize localization, reduce translation complexity, achieve international growth, and receive outstanding support along the way

What can TextUnited do for you?

Supercharge multilingual support and communication with your customers and co-workers
Build tight bond with your customers by supporting them in their native languages and cultivate lasting relationships rooted in understanding and trust.
Translate any content type or digital product
Localize your brand’s content, website, software and all omni-channel communication to forge deep relations with your customers in other locales.
Setup a continues localization process in your business
Centralize the way your business deals with languages and establish a modern, and connected system to run continuous localization. Facilitate frictionless coaction between your systems, language technology and professional translators.

Revolutionize your translation supply chain by tapping directly to linguistic talent and control all your language data
Reduce overhead costs and leave all admin tasks to machines while retaining the language data you own. Eliminate risks to your confidential and IP by safeguarding translations within one eco-system.


Stuart Gorman
PHP Developer, Lead
Hands down, it is the ability to automate the translation request process. By using TU’s API, the translations are automatically collected and put into production as soon as they are ready.

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Markus Dobler
Head of Technical Documentation
We were able to reduce the time-to-market with simultaneous quality assurance with the involvement of various partners or subsidiaries in our process.

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Theo O’Donnell
Chief Commercial Officer
This improved partner relationship is harder to quantify than the hard cost and efficiency savings we have made thanks to Text United, but it is extremely important to us.

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What can you do with TextUnited?

web apps
mobile apps
office documents
resource files
technical docs
support tickets
help articles
learning courses
product catalogs
landing pages
financial & legal documents
social posts
Integrate for continues processes
Deploy Text United as a headless translation management system via our multi-faced API or use one of growing number of integrations including code-versioning systems, CMSes, CRMs, cloud platforms and comm suites.
Reuse translations and tap to the best machine translation engines
Keep your costs down by never translating the same content twice. Keep machine translation engines and professional translators in a healthy balance: let them learn from each other and engage humans only when necessary.
Capture multilingual feedback by video, audio & text, in the moment when it matters
Put a face to your consumer and gather deeper understanding as they share their real experiences with you in their native languages.
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14 days. 100% satisfaction.

How we do it?

Text United unites machine translation and terminology engines, systems’ connectors, data processing engines, project management suite, professional CAT tool and a network of thousands of translators and domain experts
We give you a turn-key translation infrastructure which you can use to satisfy all the language related needs.
You can use Text United as an internal system with your team and translators and / or access services on-demand
Our managed services include first-class, hands-on project management, language data and files processing as well as translation by our individually selected professional linguists.

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