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Immobel decreases translation process time by 15%

Immobel help real estate professionals put their local expertise and assets on a global platform. How? By connecting the right client to the right property listing, no matter where they are located, or what language they speak. Immobel’s products and services help clients increase the visibility of their property listing by translating digital content: listings attributes and descriptions, website SEO metadata, and marketing materials. With over 20 years of dedicated, real estate specific translation by industry experts, in more than 21 languages, it is no wonder that Immobel sees its Translation Memory as a valuable asset.
Unfortunately, with their previous provider, investment into that asset was inefficient. Poor glossary and translation memory features led to duplicated translations. Content that already existed, in their memory, was frequently translated again due to low-quality translation matching. Duplication rates were as high as 25% in some languages. Furthermore, Immobel dealt with unhelpful and inflexible customer support, as well as ineffective training and educational materials. They struggled to streamline the software component of their translation process, and it was time to look for a more advanced solution.
The Challenge
Long and devious translation process: Working with a melting pot of professional translators in more than 20 target languages, a wide variety of source texts, and file formats, Immobel needed a system that was seamless and easy to use. The previous Translation Management System they used was “Simultaneously unnecessarily complex and inflexible,” causing a lot of time spent on the translation process. Moreover, Immobel was facing a lot of hurdles when it came to extracting and analyzing its key assets within the platform – particularly data assets like translation memories. Also, both customer success and technical support teams were unhelpful when Immobel sought to address those issues.
Isolated translation team: The nature of their previous software, and in particular its lack of integration abilities, was a major headache. The inability to integrate with project management systems used to manage workflows in the rest of the company meant that the translation team created its work product within a silo, which made collaboration and partnership more difficult. Immobel needed a system that better allowed the rest of the company to work together with its translators to ensure an efficient process and consistent delivery for its clients.
The Solution
Building translation teams and improving workflows: As a customer-centric company, we drive to make our users’ lives easy. Our initial thought was to accommodate their existing workflows and develop an advanced Excel filter for certain types of translation projects. By that, we helped them improve old workflows, Excel and email, and gave them new ones as well.
A significant advantage of using a Translation Management System is that all translations and communications are automated and centralized in one place. Working with everything in one spot is an instant dose of stress-relief. By uploading their previous translations, Immobel had created translation memory and saw improvements in the matches in an instant. “The unnecessary duplication of already-translated material is no longer an issue.” Our software automatically performs the first translation using the already saved terms in a client’s translation memory. After that, human translators can go through the translation and perfect it, making it sound natural. Immobel are finally able to fully utilize the value of its investment into building the largest domain-specific translation memory for the real-estate industry.
One of the primary aspects involving translation management systems is, connecting the current translators and project managers, who are all used to different systems and workflows. It also means that many steps need to be automated to enable seamless collaboration. For example, sending out notifications about new projects, or calculating the amount to be invoiced at the end of the month, are tasks which do not have to be tedious daily obligations. The client feels that our tool works better with their company-wide Project Management tool (ClickUp), making the translation more seamlessly integrated with their other workflows.
We set up training and onboarding sessions and taught the users to use the proper workflows to cut down the time spent on reviews. Working in a cloud-based system enabled all users to cooperate quickly, communicate within projects, thus reducing the number of emails, and monitor the progress of projects.
Custom made integration: When starting to work with Text United, Immobel saw a flexible and functional software delivered by a team that they could trust. Immobel creates many website pages and application wireframes in multiple languages every day, using the design collaboration tool Figma. We recognized the importance for them to be able to translate already at the design stage. To make it simple to design and edit web pages or user interfaces in different languages in-context.
This allows for much more rapid adaptation of the layout of a given page in response to the particular demands of a target language. For instance: different button sizes for pictographic languages such as Chinese or design changes imposed by right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic. This now saves a lot of time to be able to edit web pages for each language and its layout demands. With just one powerful integration, Immobel is now more time- and cost-effective, not only in its translation but also in its visual web and UI/UX design as well.
The Outcome
Immobel has seen considerable changes in efficiency, simplicity, and cost of their translation process.
By incorporating our in-country review function, Immobel is saving significant sums in core translation overheads and general efficiency savings, as they now require fewer edits and revisions after the fact.
With an accessible glossary of terms, every new translator has the tools required to become an expert on the jargon specific to the real estate industry. Our system saves all those words and terms so that the language and translations are consistent and correct.
Immobel said goodbye to their initial process of translating in one Excel, then uploading everything piece by piece to their CMS. Now, they can naturally work in the TMS and upload straight to their website.
Immobel’s workflow and translation processes have been optimized and perfected since switching to Text United, leading to improvements not just in Translation, but also in the Design, Product, Development, and Project Management teams as well.
“The general workflow is simpler and more efficient in both tangible and intangible ways, and we have a much smoother and more productive relationship with TU as a vendor than we did with the previous translation tool. This improved partner relationship is harder to quantify than the hard cost and efficiency savings we have made thanks to Text United but it is extremely important to us”
– Theo O’Donnell, Chief Commercial Officer
About the client
Immobel is a world-leading provider of technology solutions to the international real estate industry. They make it easy for real estate professionals – agents, brokers, and brands – to boost the online visibility of their greatest assets: their property listings. By making listings globally available in a variety of languages, and optimized for search in each, they also simplify the process of finding, viewing, and buying a dream piece of real estate easier for consumers and investors – across borders and language barriers. Large multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 global brands, as well as individual real estate brokers and agents, use their solutions. Translation is at the core of their business and the value they create for their clients.

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